Get involved

“Rather than engage in routinized protests that threaten no one or begging the rulers for concessions, we envision a militant anti-imperialist movement that throws wrenches in the gears of the war machine, develops anti-imperialist consciousness far and wide, deprives the empire of loyal soldiers, and aims to stop new imperialist wars through mass resistance.”
-Behind Enemy Lines unity statement

Build the resistance. Rise up with the people of the world. Join us. Get in touch:
antiimperialistresistance (AT), use the form below, or hit us up on twitter or facebook

Some ways you can get involved:

  • Contribute to this site and our social media: Volunteer to help with web development, graphic design, submit articles, interviews, or reports, and anti-imperialist music recommendations.
  • Build a local chapter: Get some friends together, read our Unity Statement and Acts of Empire articles, and start discussing how to take action. Email us to arrange a zoom or skype session. Spread articles and our Statement on social media and in person.
  • Invite BEL organizers to speak to your classroom, organization, student group, church, or union.
  • Connect with local teachers and students to arrange for a presentation countering military recruitment in schools
  • Oppose this empire’s wars, coups, sanctions, and all imperialist intervention. Make trouble for the war machine where you are.